5 Steps to Get Motivated

Dread is the only word that could describe the feeling I got every time I passed by my daughter's disaster of a room. I knew I need to clean and totally reorganize it, but I was wishing on the brightest star in the night sky it would just take care of itself (where's the self-clean… Continue reading 5 Steps to Get Motivated


Navigating Difficult Conversations

I recently listened to a podcast titled Why Hard Conversations Are the Key to Building an Exceptional Relationship from the Rise Together Podcast with Rachel and Dave Hollis. This had some excellent tips and truths about why it's so important to have these tough conversations and how to approach them. If you have that nagging… Continue reading Navigating Difficult Conversations

Quick and Easy Meals

My Amazing French Dip Sandwiches

These sandwiches are so easy and will feed your family with some to spare. The crock pot or Instapot make throwing this meal together quick and flavorful! Ingredients 2-3 lb. beef chuck roast 1 tbsp. Italian Seasoning 2 cubes beef bouillon 2 cloves of fresh garlic Salt and pepper to taste 1 cup water 4… Continue reading My Amazing French Dip Sandwiches


The Importance of Date Night

Remember that feeling of excitement when you and your significant other first started dating? Painstakingly getting ready, creating the perfect outfit, planning the dinner and activities. And just like most couples, a few years in and this ritual stops. But why? When did we stop pursuing each other? Why do we feel that the lack… Continue reading The Importance of Date Night

Courtney's Kitchen

My Summer Time Favorite Things

Summer is in full swing and to celebrate all that is sunshine and sandy beaches, check out my video here of the things getting me through the season. Click on the pictures to go to the links! Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen   Coola Makeup Setting Spray SPF 30 Sunbum Sea Salt Texture Spray Sol De Janeiro… Continue reading My Summer Time Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

Courtney’s Kitchen: Make Up Edition   Click on the images to visit the sites! 1) Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge 2) Tarte Shape Tape Concealer 3) Urban Decay Primer Potion/Wet and Wild Eyeshadow Primer 4) It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation Illumination Powder/Your Skin But Better CC Cream 5) It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara/ Younique 4D Mascara/L'Oréal Lash Paradise Mascara 6) Morphe… Continue reading Courtney’s Kitchen: Make Up Edition


How and Why I Journal Daily

The thought of journaling may bring memories of younger days hastily writing about your crush or how you couldn't believe Becky would stab you in the back like that (we all had a Becky back in High School). As fun as it is reading the recording of days gone by, that's not the journaling I'm… Continue reading How and Why I Journal Daily


Finding Clarity to Achieve Your Goals

We all know that person who achieves great things, hits goals and has a great social life but for some reason seems unfulfilled. Or maybe this is you; after pushing for so long, the chatter around you subsides and you look around and wonder just when that passion turned into going through the motions. You… Continue reading Finding Clarity to Achieve Your Goals

Health, Self-Improvement

The One Thing You Aren’t Doing That Could Make Your Goals a Reality

You're not going to want to hear this, but you need to get up earlier.  I know its seems impossible when so many things beg for our attention; the house is dirty, laundry isn't done, kids are screaming, work is can all be too much.  If there aren't enough hours in the day as… Continue reading The One Thing You Aren’t Doing That Could Make Your Goals a Reality

Courtney's Kitchen

Courtney’s Kitchen: Face Care Edition

Watch my first episode of Courtney's Kitchen where you and I have a cup of coffee and chat. Today, we are taking face care and the products I keep buying over and over become they are just that good. Click on the pictures below to go to the websites!   1) Tarte Rainforest of… Continue reading Courtney’s Kitchen: Face Care Edition

My Favorite Things

These Headphones Are a Game Changer!

When my last pair of Bluetooth headphones bit the dust, I turned to my running community on Facebook for a new good set. The actual recommendation was for the same brand shown below, but for a single earbud. This is great for runners so we can listen to music but still hear things such as… Continue reading These Headphones Are a Game Changer!

Family, Pets

The 6 Things to Know Before Getting a German Shepard

When my husband approached me about wanting to get a German Shepard puppy, my answer was a resounding "absolutely not!"  Now don't get me wrong here, I'm a HUGE dog lover.  I even worked at the SPCA of Wake County for two years both as a caretaker/trainer and an adoption counselor for crying out loud.… Continue reading The 6 Things to Know Before Getting a German Shepard


This 5 Minute Exercise Could Change Everything

So you have goals, right?  You know you are capable of more but don't understand why year after year those resolutions just never seem to get done.  I learned this visualization exercise from Rachel Hollis and her amazing podcast called Rise, and seriously guys, it's a game changer.  So settle in a quiet place for… Continue reading This 5 Minute Exercise Could Change Everything


The Enneagram: What’s It All About?

I first heard about the Enneagram Personality types last year on a podcast and immediately had to learn more. Most people get freaked out by the weird pentagram-looking symbol but let me be the first to tell you there is nothing evil or weird spiritual stuff going on here. The Enneagram is about learning your… Continue reading The Enneagram: What’s It All About?