5 Steps to Get Motivated

Dread is the only word that could describe the feeling I got every time I passed by my daughter’s disaster of a room. I knew I need to clean and totally reorganize it, but I was wishing on the brightest star in the night sky it would just take care of itself (where’s the self-clean button?). I had to push myself to get it done and here’s how I did it!

I am using the example of cleaning, but your goal is totally interchangeable.

1) Make a playlist: I grabbed my portable stereo and rocked out/sang/danced that room clean. Great music can make a crappy thing really fun. You could also use that time to learn something new on a podcast or catch up on a new Netflix show (as long as it doesn’t slow you down).

2) One goal at a time: My Goal was to do one room that day; and that’s what I did. If I had set a goal to do the entire house, I would have never started. Make your goal simple and achievable for your time and skill set.

3) Small steps: I tackled that room by starting on the top rack of her closet, then the bottom rack, than the floor of the closet, then the top dresser drawer, then the second drawer, ect. Just get from one step to the other in tiny steps. Before I knew it, I was done. Don’t psych yourself out by thinking of the big task.

4) Tell others about it: You are more likely to do something if other people know about it. You can also get help from others this way. I had my husband keep my daughter busy while I cleaned out her toy box so she wouldn’t try to play with all 8,000 toys as I cleaned.

5) See the benefit: When I was so over the cleaning and trash bags full of toys surrounding me, I thought about how great I would feel when it was done. I imagined the tidy room and a huge weight was lifted. I could vacuum without sucking up at least 5 toys and walk in there at night without stepping on a toy and teaching Ava a fun new word to try out at school (anyone…anyone…just me then?). Focus on the feeling of getting it done and live there, not with the thought of what it will take to get it done.

Did you get it done? Celebrate, even if it’s something small! Comment below on your recent accomplishments.

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