Turn That Frown Upside Down

Have you ever had someone say that to you and then you have to resist the urge to throat punch them? Turn that frown upside down, Pam. Here I was, minding my own moody-self, having a moment, when they had to walk up and try to “fix me”. How exhausting that must be, walking around, trying to change people into what they think is best or acceptable.

And now you’re saying “Wait, isn’t that what you do as a mindset coach?” I know you see all my inspirational memes and catchy quotes. The answer is yes and no.

I am here to help people who are ready to take the next step in chasing their dreams when they are ready. I can’t force happiness or a positive mindset on anyone and who would really want to? We aren’t robots. You can throw glitter on a turd but in the end it’s still just poop.

It’s okay to be moody or have a bad day. This is all a part of our human experience and we don’t have to hide it or feel guilty about it or try to fix it. You have permission to feel exactly what you are feeling right now and be okay with it.

Now, if you’re having trouble getting out of a feeling that is no longer serving you, go talk to someone. Whether it be a therapist, your best friend, or a coach. There are resources out there that can help and I will be rooting for you all the way!

So go and process what’s happening in your journal and once you get it all down on paper write “I give myself permission to feel this way without judgment.” And if you are ready to take the next step on achieving your goals and creating the life you really want, I’m all ears.

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