Your Relationship With Money

Mindset has been a huge buzzword lately and I fully believe we can train our brains to behave differently. It has been proven over and over that different mindsets give different results. I have been reading a lot and listening to a ton of podcasts on the Law of Attraction and how changing out thoughts and actions can either attract or repel the things we want in life, epically money.

Basically, the Law of Attraction is a Universal Law staying like attracts like. A good example is that person that is super negative and almost invites bad stuff to happen to them. Or if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, decide it’s going to be a terrible day and it, in fact, becomes a terrible day. On the flip side of that, we can usually think of someone who is incredibly lucky and good stuff just seems to come to them, almost effortlessly.

It when when I was researching books on this topic when I came across Denise Duffield Thomas’ book Get Rich, Lucky Bitch. This women is all about the basics of attracting cool stuff, and she gets super specific about money in this book.

Reading through this really made me dig deeper into my thoughts around money and my limiting beliefs. I think it’s about time we all took a look at our feelings on money if we aren’t happy with where we are financially. If you could change it for the better, why wouldn’t you at least try?

What are your earliest memories about money? How does it make you feel when money is brought up? How is your worth tied up in the amount of money you make? Denise has you work through those old issues first before focusing on creating a positive relationship with money so it will be more attracted to you.

Now, this isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme or a “think and be rich” situation. There are no genies waiting to grant wishes or lucky lottery ticket numbers here. Manifesting money is a muscle that needs to grow and it takes practice.

A good starting point is tracking all of the money the coming to you rather than focusing on everything always going out. Now, we still need to track our spending and live below our means, but focusing more on all we do have right now can flip the script on our feelings towards money.

I just started using the Lucky Bitch Money Tracker that you can find in the App Store or Google Play Store. It helps you track every dime of money coming to you; whether it be your paycheck, a discount on an item, free food, gifts, or things of value. It’s crazy to see that money rolling in that you never used to pay attention to. Now it’s everywhere!

I have found that the more positive attention I give to my money, the more it wants to find me! Just like when I caught this cute sweater I have been eyeing for months on the clearance rack for $20 (when it was normally $40) and it was the only one left and just so happened to be in my size.

Or like when I won a free hair care product of my choice at my salon when they did a raffle online.

Moral of the story: Start decluttering your old beliefs about how much money “you deserve” or the fact “it’s always been this way.” Create a new story of loving your life and living in total abundance. Start being grateful for what you already have! Track all the great stuff coming to you and start expecting more of it. What do you have to lose?

Do you have an awesome money story? Comment below to encourage others to change their mindset around money!