The Importance of an Abundance Mindset

How are you using your time and resources? Let’s take a deep dive into what an abundant mindset looks like and why it’s important to our overall happiness.

This is going to be all about how to change our thinking to be more grateful for what we do have and be willing to give more of ourselves to others because our resources aren’t as scarce as we think. Many will link the word “abundance” with money, but we can also be giving of our time, energy, expertise, advice, compassion, etc. Check out Jordan Harbinger’s Podcast on The Right Way to Cultivate Abundance for a deep dive in this topic.

Essentially, we were all hard wired to fear not having enough which means that feeling gratitude doesn’t come naturally to most. To survive, our ancestors had to focus on lack in order to stay alive. They were painfully aware of food shortages and how quickly basic necessities could affect us should they disappear. But this is now, the time when Amazon Prime is the main mode of shopping and everything from cars to our lunch are delivered to our doors at the click of an IPhone.

We have to understand that you must first commit to the action of being generous and make it a habit. You’re probably never going to be excited about donating money or your time, at least a first, because the first thing that comes to our mind is how we could otherwise use that money or spend our time binge watching Stranger Things. Here’s a secret: you don’t have to feel abundant to act abundant.

I think people wait around thinking and researching how they can can feel “okay” with giving out their resources before actually doing it, but our beliefs follow our actions. It’s when we start doing that thing over and over, we begin to see results and our thinking shifts. You can’t sit and think about going to the gym or have a “gym mindset” and magically get in shape. You get up and force your lazy butt to hop on the treadmill over and over, usually when you don’t feel like it, but over time you will begin to see those changes and truly feel healthy based on those actions, not your thoughts alone.

Start with small actions and then build up to bigger stuff. If you struggle with hoarding money, pick a church or organization you want to back and start giving, even if it’s only $5 a month. But do it consistently. Do the same with time. Meet a friend for coffee to invest in that relationship or offer to help a struggling coworker with your unique skill set.

In time, you are going to feel more connected to those around you and better as a whole. You will begin to truly appreciate all that you do have and all those good vibes you’re putting out will eventually make their way back to you. Giving gets easier with time and practice. Give it some time to see the changes in your life; that’s where the magic lies.

Now go be generous to others and be grateful for all that you already have!

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