Identity Theft

Identity theft is a huge issue in our culture today and I’m not talking about cyber crime. I’m talking about the women who say “who am I? I don’t even recognize myself anymore and I don’t know how I got here or how to get myself back.” We have let the lies of “I’m not that person anymore” or “I don’t deserve that happiness” seep into our souls and it’s robbing us of who we were designed to be…happy, healthy and whole.

Maybe your the mom who finds herself yelling at her kids in frustration because you are so overwhelmed with no relief on sight. What happens when marriage ends and your lost without your partner and the life you shared? Maybe you have worked so hard in climbing that corporate ladder and have finally “made it” but come home to an empty house due to neglected relationships with friends and family. You get caught up in the transition of the kids moving out and now you can’t navigate life with an empty home. Maybe that life you had all planned out tied up with a pretty ribbon is not even close to your reality and you’re just sitting there, looking at all of it wondering how you got there. You’re so completely lost.

If you were sitting across from me right now I would grab your hands in mine, look you straight in the eyes, and tell you that you are not alone. We have all had life give us a sharp left turn when we wanted to go right or sometimes it’s just the natural progression of change and transition we are forced to deal with in this thing called life. Plans fall through, people disappoint us and life can feel like it’s swallowing us whole. But here’s the thing, that “you” that you once were, she’s still in there. She never left, you just forgot how to be her when you got busy with everything else.

If you’re feeling lost and looking to get that girl back, zero in on who that person was before all the changes. We can’t regress back to being the person we were at 16 (and who really wants to?), but what was it about that special time period that made you love life? Who were your before the kids or the husband or that stressful job? Did you love the freedom you felt? Was the relationships or the travel or that hobby you let go of? What were your passionate about then? It might look so silly to everyone around you, but this is your life and your happiness, not theirs. There’s no stupid answers here.

Want to start dancing again at the age of 65? Awesome! Sign up for a class at a local studio or just do it in the privacy of your living room to get those feelings back. Want to write a novel? Get to typing. Missing that romance in your relationship? Start doing date night again with your partner. Want to sell your homemade jewelry online? Set up a shop on Etsy. Take cooking classes, travel, read, get healthy. Whatever it is, it’s worth it to bring that light back in your life.

Bottom line: you are still that person you miss so dearly, you just have to dig her up and breathe life back into her. Enough with the lies and excuses that are stealing your joy. What lights you up? What would get your excited about getting up each and every day? Do more of that and set a example for everyone watching. The good part is just beginning and I can’t wait to see you bloom into the person your were meant to be!

*If you want more of this tailored to your specific needs, set up a free 15 minute coaching call or text session with me! I would love to work with you! Email me at for more information.

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