Time For a Mid-Year Check In

I can’t believe it’s already the end of July! We are over half way done with 2019 and I had some pretty audacious goals to tackle that I jotted down back in January. I love to do a mid-year check-in around this time to applaud my victories, re-prioritize my unfinished goals and pick up any habits I may have strayed away from. Here are some tips I use for checking in to keep you on track to getting to that better you.

Applaud Accomplishments

I always begin my year with a list of goals in each area of my life. Ideas on improving my relationships, my career, my spirituality, hobbies, health, finances, etc. all get written down so I can go back and look at the big picture from time to time. I can then check off all the things I have accomplished and feel great about the moves I’m making in the right direction to live my best life. You don’t need permission to feel great about what you have accomplished! Be proud of the steps you have taken, even if they seem small now. Celebrate the wins with a fun night out, a massage or maybe just a bubble bath. Those feel good moments will keep you motivated to keep crushing those goals!

What are you still working on?

Take a look at what hasn’t been checked off from your list and be honest about where you are with those goals. It’s okay if you haven’t made as much traction as you planned back in January, but keep at it if it’s important to you. Don’t throw it out if it’s not moving at light-speed! Have you already accomplished most of what you had down? Awesome! Now dream bigger. Create new goals and make yourself nervous when you write them down. If they scare you a little, you know you’re on the right track.

Do you need to re-prioritize?

This is a great time to refocus on your most important goals. Maybe you have completed a few big goals but some on that list aren’t as important to you anymore or you have shifted focus to another goal that is more pressing. That’s okay to shift focus or move things around. Things change, road blocks hit and sometimes life just moves in a direction you weren’t expecting. Take a moment to re-prioritize and keep moving forward.

Pick up the habits you stopped doing.

Just because you slacked off on running after you crossed the finish line at that 5K doesn’t mean you will never run again. We all have cheat days, just don’t make it a cheat month. If you stopped doing something that you loved or made you feel great, now is a great time to pick it back up. Nobody gets it right everyday at being their best selves at every moment, but that’s also not an excuse to let it all go. Here’s your sign! You know it’s good for you so start doing it again.

Finish strong.

Now is the perfect time to set yourself up for success and finish out 2019 strong! So many people let themselves go and eat all things around the holidays and say “forget it, I will work out next year.” This is not the way to go. Everyday is a new start, a fresh opportunity to feel great. Re-focus your intentions and remind yourself of your “why” with these dreams and goals. It’s never too late to pick things back up or add a new goal to the mix that has been on your heart. Imagine jumping into 2020 at your very best rather than run-down with empty promises to yourself that you never made good on. You wouldn’t bail like that on your best friend, so why is it acceptable to do it to yourself?

How can you celebrate your wins you have accomplished this year? How has your list of goals changed? What is one thing you are going to pick back up? I’m so excited to hear from you and help you finish 2019 strong!

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