Quick and Easy Meals

My Amazing French Dip Sandwiches

These sandwiches are so easy and will feed your family with some to spare. The crock pot or Instapot make throwing this meal together quick and flavorful!


  • 2-3 lb. beef chuck roast
  • 1 tbsp. Italian Seasoning
  • 2 cubes beef bouillon
  • 2 cloves of fresh garlic
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 cup water
  • 4 soft white hoagie rolls
  • 1 package sliced provolone cheese


1. Mix the 2 bouillon cubes in the water and add the garlic and Italian seasoning. Set aside (it’s okay if the bouillon cubes aren’t dissolved in the water, they will in the slow cooker).

2. Season the roast with salt and pepper, place into a slow cooker or Instapot and pour seasoning liquid on top.  Throw some extra Italian Seasoning on top if your feeling frisky.

3. Cook on high for 6 hours or the low setting for 8-10 hours. I use the slow cooker setting on my Instapot for at least 9 hours or more, shred up the meat once cooked and then pressure cook on high for 30 minutes for extra tender meat.


4. When ready to serve, split open the hoagie rolls and layer with cheese (2 or more slices per side) and broil in the oven until bubbly.


5. Placed shredded meat into sandwiches and use the juice in the slow cooker/Instapot as the Au Jus for dipping. Enjoy!


Did you try this amazing recipe? Post your reviews and photos below! I do mine gluten free in a bowl with cheese melted on top.  You could also use gluten free bread, I was just too lazy.


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