Generating Energy

I love listening to Brendon Bruchard’s Podcast and he had a great segment about generating energy and it has nothing to do with getting more sleep. Energy must be created. A power plant doesn’t have energy, it creates it and we can do the same thing!Be sure to click the link above and give this episode a listen, but here are the cliff’s notes if you don’t have an hour to spare.

Energy can be physical, mental or emotional and we can not rise to our best self if you’re always burnt out and tired. The more energy you have, the more likely you are to climb to the top of your game and stay there. We can do this by doing an imaginary full body scan and release any tension we may be feeling in our bodies or mind. Also, be sure to set an intention for your day. You either start your day or your day will take over you. We should also be anticipating positive outcomes. Believe that these good things are coming to you!

We also need to work on bringing joy into our everyday. It doesn’t just happen, we need to create it. I always start my day by writing down 5 things I’m grateful for that morning and it keeps me more attune to seeing other things I’m grateful for through out the day. I have also suggested in past posts (and Brendon says it here too) to envision your best self and create those feelings you have when you think of that person. Start showing up as them!

Start thinking outside of yourself and see who you can help or encourage today. Do you have a stressful meeting or situation today? Envision how that meeting or conversation will go. How will you handle yourself? How will you reply to any conflict as your best self?

What are you excited about today? I always write down one thing I’m excited about in the morning in my journal. If you can’t think of one thing to get excited about, create something. Pick a great restaurant for lunch or carve out some time to watch your favorite show or read a book. The anticipation is as powerful as the action. Do something to get you excited. This day is a gift and we need to start treating it as such. Bottom line, joy won’t be delivered to you, it must be created.

Try to be healthier! Drink more water, eat foods without an ingredients list and move your body! You don’t have to start kick boxing but walking for 30 minutes a day won’t kill you. Don’t say you don’t have time. We all have the same amount of time, you’re just spending it doing something else. Exercise reduces stress, improves memory, boosts your mood and increases your confidence. This is also super important if you have kids to model a healthy lifestyle. I love doing yoga with my 4 year old or I will let her relax in the stroller while I take a jog. Exercise also helps you sleep and reduces pain throughout the body. Your diet is equally important. It’s time to start learning when you are really hungry or have just conditioned yourself to eat when your sad, happy, bored, ext. I use the test that if I’m not sure if I’m really hungry: I ask myself if I would eat a healthy salad. If the answer is no, then I’m not really hungry, I just want the snack in front of me. Make sure you are setting yourself up for success and fill your home and/or office with good choices. Don’t wait until your starving and trust that you will pick the healthiest option.

So let’s get out there and start creating some energy! Start your day with intention and gratitude, envision your best self and show up as them, bring joy and excitement into your day, and model a healthy lifestyle by being active and eating nutritious meals.

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