Replacing Lies with Truth

What lies are you telling yourself? Is that you’re too fat, too stupid, that you will never be worthy of that promotion, that you will never be out of debt? What thoughts bubble up and just stick around, invisibly floating right above your head, that say you aren’t ‘enough’ of something? Maybe they have been around so long you don’t even notice they are there. You hold on to them like an old security blanket protecting you from ever going outset of your comfort zone.

We have all been there but now it’s time to stop and call out these thoughts for what they are, lies. What would happen if we started to replace those statements with truths about ourselves? What if the conversation changed?

Instead of thinking “my legs are so huge” replace that with “my legs hold me up and support me to run after my busy toddler”. Instead of hearing “I’m too dumb to go back to school” replace that with “I’ve been through school before and I can do it again”. What absolute truths do you hold that can combat these lies?

These lies are opinions that either you have created or have been told and accepted as true. You are the culprit, but you’re also the solution for these ideas that are holding you back. Some that I use include replacing “I’m not strong enough” with “I gave birth with no drugs and lived to tell the tale” (even though all natural wasn’t in my original birth plan). When I feel defeated about bad food choices and think I will never meet my heath goals I remember that I can make a better choice for my next meal.

Our days are a series of decisions and the truth is, it’s all up to us. You don’t have the body you could get through good diet and exercise, that’s on you. You have debt with no plan on getting out but complain about living paycheck to paycheck, that’s on you. You swear this year has just been a terrible year and nothing is going to go your way no matter what you do, that’s on you!

So let’s start recognizing these thoughts and write them down. Then, write down your replacement statement that you will use to shut up the lie with a truth about yourself. Post them on sticky notes around your home or office. Set reminders in your phone to go off throughout the day to remind yourself who you really are. Smart, capable, beautiful, strong, and deserving of all the good things.

Now, let’s sit back and watch the magic happen.

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