How and Why I Journal Daily

The thought of journaling may bring memories of younger days hastily writing about your crush or how you couldn’t believe Becky would stab you in the back like that (we all had a Becky back in High School). As fun as it is reading the recording of days gone by, that’s not the journaling I’m talking about here. This journaling is about something bigger; getting what you truly want from life. And it works.

So What Do You Write?

Check out this Rise Podcast from Rachel Hollis who inspired me to start journaling daily. It takes only about 10 minutes to journal and can totally transform your day. Here are the 4 things I journal every day:

  1. 5 things I am grateful for today. Don’t put the obvious stuff like “my life” or “my kids”. Don’t be basic. Everyone is thankful for that stuff. Write about something personal that makes this day special such as “My healthy breakfast that will make my morning great” or “the beautiful sunrise I got to see with my favorite cup of coffee.” And it doesn’t always have to be about you. It could be the elderly couple you saw in the park holding hands or your child and dog playing in a sprinkler on a summer day.
  2. 10 dreams I made happen. These are dreams that you can’t accomplish right now, but will be working towards. This is the most important part about this one: write them as if they have already happened. So if you want to lose 40 lbs, write “I lost 40 lbs. through my healthy diet and working out 3 times a week.” If these 10 dreams came true, you would be the very best version of yourself. My favorites I write every day are things like “I am an exceptional wife and mother” and “I made self-care a priority.”
  3. The one goal you are going ‘all in’ on. This is a goal that can be achieved in a few months or less. If we try to work on too many goals at once, we loose focus and get frustrated that thing aren’t progressing. Pick just one and go ALL IN on that one thing. Once that’s done, it will be a part of who you are and habitual. Now you can move on to the next goal. Start proving to yourself you can crush your goals!
  4. The 1 thing you are excited about today. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing, maybe it’s just a fun lunch date or looking forward to playing at the park with your child. We all need something to look forward to every day.

So why is this so important and why does it work?

  • Finding gratefulness in the everyday will teach your brain to seek it out even after having to come up with a few first thing in the morning. I find I’m thinking of more reasons to be grateful when I start my day with it. It jumps out at me now.
  • Focusing on that best version of yourself by writing down 10 dreams you made happen will keep you in laser focus on who it is you are working towards trying to become, every damn day. This is a process, not an overnight transformation. If you write down “I am debt free” you might rethink that unnecessary purchase if that statement has already been written by you that morning. These are the reminders we need of who we need to start showing up as. By saying we have already done them, your brain will be working in the background in figuring out how to make them a reality. And after you have told yourself you ran that 5K about 100 times, it doesn’t seem so scary anymore.
  • Going all in on one goal allows us to break up our aspirations into bite-size pieces and just start. You can still be working on other big things in the back ground, but focus most of your energy on only one thing. For example, you can still work on paying off your debt by sticking to a budget while you train for a marathon. Those are two totally different goals but it doesn’t take too much energy to download the Mint app on your phone and track your spending whereas setting up a training plan and actually running to prepare for a race will take more time and energy. Make the race your ‘all in’ goal and keep the budgeting in the background.
  • We all need something to get excited about, no matter how small. This makes us look forward to the day and starting it off positive can make all the difference in the world.

So grab a cute notebook (this is the exact notebook I use for all my master plans), a Start Today Journal from Rachel Hollis (they are limited seasonal designs so be sure to be on her mailing list to get the newest one when they drop!), a scrap piece of paper or open the Notes app on your iPhone and start getting clarity about what you are grateful for, your dreams you will make happen, your one big goal to crush and what you are excited about and watch your day change from the inside out! Have you started journaling? How has it affected your day or outlook on the world? Are you achieving more than you used to? Comment below and join the conversation!

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