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These Headphones Are a Game Changer!

When my last pair of Bluetooth headphones bit the dust, I turned to my running community on Facebook for a new good set. The actual recommendation was for the same brand shown below, but for a single earbud. This is great for runners so we can listen to music but still hear things such as cars, dogs, grizzly bears, whatever. I opted for the set that came with two earbuds because you can use just one or both! I included the Amazon link here which is where I got them. The Mpow True Wireless Earbuds are the way to go!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_0934-1.jpg

For only $35 these babies are well worth it! You can use the left one alone if you still want to hear with right ear or use both for stereo mode. They were easy to pair and automatically connect when you take them out of the case once paired with your device. You can also take calls using these.

It’s so handy having the case to carry the earbuds around in and the magnetically lock in place to charge. You just drop them in the case and hook up the case to a plug that comes with the earbuds.

It also comes with 3 different earbud sizes to properly fit your ear. They stay in without being uncomfortable even with running. Not to mention, they are water-proof.

It’s so easy to toss these in my bag and discreetly listen to whatever I choose from my phone or iPad. The controls on the earbuds are simple to use and the sound quality is great for this style headphone. I’m never going back to the corded Bluetooth headphones again.

Did you grab a pair yet? Let me know what you think!

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