The Value of a Lazy Susan

Happy Mother’s Day mommas! A speech was made at our annual family Mother’s Day lunch today that resonated with me and I wanted to share and then pose a question. Our cousin Michelle, along with hosting the large family affair, very graciously gave all the moms a large gift bag after lunch was devoured. In the big brightly colored bag was a single white Lazy susan (the kitchen utensil that has one piece that stays stationary and the top piece spins around). People often use them in spice cabinets or have them built into cabinets to save space.

See this fancy lasy susan from Pottery Barn.

In explaining the gift, Michelle spoke about how her mother always prepares a Tuesday dinner where the door is open to anyone that would like to join to come around the table to eat and catch up. There is always a large lazy susan in the center of this table that holds various plates of delicious food and the joke goes that you better grab something when that thing spins around to get what you want since it’s a free for all and this food is some good ‘ole Southern cookin’. As we all laughed with the image of the family scrambling to grab food from a spinning plate at the center of the table, the point was made that although the food was great, it was the stories told and the moments shared around that lazy susan that she remembered the most. There had been laughter, tears and everything in between shared on those Tuesday nights. This was a tradition that grew this family in the tight-knit unit that it is today.

So what family tradition do you have or would you like to start? Because as Michelle proudly declared today as she scanned the room “You can’t buy this; this is family.” What’s your lazy susan?

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